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We are constantly raising funds and receiving donations to support our activities and purchase equipment for the Tithe Barn.  In the past, we have purchased, staging, seating along with full professsional cinema projection and sound equipment for the barn.

Recent examples of fundraising include, in autumn 2016, our concert with the Harry Browns, which raised £650.00 for the new Memory Café, and we raised £1,300.00 at our 2016 New Years Eve Barn Dance to support our projects and general running costs.  In the same year, we received a donation of £200 from a local ballroom dance group for Music and Memories just after Christmas.  We are very grateful for all the help we receive.

Having supported the development of the Leg Club in the past, our main focus this year (2017) is the development of a range of projects to support local people with dementia and their carers and to support Nailsea Memory Café in becoming a sustainable project at the barn.  In addition to applying for grants, we will be holding a fund raising night in conjunction Nailsea Folk Club on St Patrick's Night - 17th March (£10 entry).



'Sponsor a Beam' Scheme...

Our 'Sponsor a Beam' scheme was a vital part of our fundraising efforts and was open to individuals, companies and groups. The scheme was fully subscribed and the sponsors are acknowledged on a plaque in the Tithe Barn.

'Sponsor a Beam' sponsors:

Sec. Mod School 'A' Stream 1948-1953
Principal Truss 1, Windbrace S 4, Purlin S 2

Nailsea Folk Club
Principal Truss 3

Dr TM & Mrs MF Southwood
Principal Truss 5

The Walker Family
Principal Truss 7

Mrs L Feakins
Purlin N 1 & N 2

Rev & Mrs Cave
Purlin N 10

Mr M Fennell
Purlin N 11

In Memory of Mary Thornley
Purlin N 12

2nd Nailsea (Holy Trinity) Scout Group
Purlin N 3

Mr Fred Youde
Purlin N 4

Tony Rossiter
Purlin N 5

Mr Chris Faull
Purlin N 6

Rev Jolyon & Mrs Frances Trickey
Purlin N 7

Williams Family
Purlin N 8

Neil Saddington
Purlin N 9

Alan Leavett
Purlin S 1

Betty and Tony Carey
Purlin S 10

Ms V Pickford
Purlin S 11

Mr & Mrs D Andrews
Purlin S 12

Steve & Janet Harris
Purlin S 3

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
Purlin S 4

Mr & Mrs R Mitchell
Purlin S 5

Ian & Sue Morrell
Purlin S 6

Parker Family
Purlin S 8

Mark Breen Plastering
Purlin S 9

Mrs Brenda Martin
Rafter N 1

Philip B Barclay
Rafter N 12

Christine Morgan
Rafter N 13

Holy Trinity Mothers Union
Rafter N 14

Chris & Sue Turner
Rafter N 18

Mr Clive Bradshaw
Rafter N 20

Margaret & Roy Boddy
Rafter N 21

Peter Glanville
Rafter N 22

Mr Ian Mottram
Rafter N 23

Mrs C S Braide
Rafter N 24

James & May Harris
Rafter N 25

William Dyer
Rafter N 26

Chester & Leila Guttridge
Rafter N 28

Mrs C M Peacock
Rafter N 29

Mr R Lees
Rafter N 3

Paul Mason
Rafter N 30

Rita Warry
Rafter N 31

Colin Warry
Rafter N 32

Jane Lord
Rafter N 5

Ella Randall and Prospect Gardens
Rafter N 6

Sec. Mod School 'A' Stream 1948-1953
Rafter N 7

Woodspring U3A
Rafter N 8

After 8's at Christ Church
Rafter N 9

Geoff & Cheryl Hoare
Rafter S 1

Margaret Skerrett
Rafter S 12

Family Alden-Vergano
Rafter S 13

Anthea Fleming
Rafter S 14

Mr & Mrs B R Willmott
Rafter S 20

Angela Janice Barber
Rafter S 21

The Randall Family
Rafter S 22

Barbara Jackson
Rafter S 23

Pete & Jean Dixon
Rafter S 24

Maisie & Daniel Petteford
Rafter S 25

Christ Church Mothers Union
Rafter S 26

Marianne Boardman
Rafter S 28

Mr N Osmond
Rafter S 29

Mary Ponsonby
Rafter S 3

Mark & Sue Rummings
Rafter S 30

Nailsea Womens Institute
Rafter S 31

Scotch Horn Day Centre
Rafter S 32

Rita Neate
Rafter S 5

Paula Wakeham
Rafter S 6

Tracy Warry
Rafter S15

Tonkin & Daughters Joinery
Rafters S 19 & N 19

Woodstock Timber
Rafters S 2 & N 2

Mrs Brenda Martin
Rafters S 4 & N 4

Mrs F M Sheridan
Rafters S 7, S 8 & S 9

In Memory of Paul Conley
Rafters S11 & N11

Mrs R Riley
Rafters S17 & N17

Feven-Ayliffe Family
Ridge 3

In Memory of Dave Robbins
Ridge 1

Robert Warrick Ltd
Ridge 2

Mr R F Rylands
Ridge 4

Mrs P Daniels
Ridge 5

Mr David Mander
Windbrace N 10

Marston Dufty
Windbrace N 2

Ian & Sheila Ashby
Windbrace S 2

Mr Dave Gray
Windbrace S 3

Mr R F & Mrs S J Riley
Windbrace S 5

Church Lane Pre-School
Windbrace S 6

Mr T Target
Windbrace S 8

Sponsor a chair

Thanks to our many sponsors we now have very comfortable chairs in place of the previous plastic school chairs, which served us well but could hardly be described as comfortable!  In addition we have been able to provide matching chairs but with arms for those with particular needs.

Thank you to all who sponsored a chair.  A list of chair sponsors is displayed in the corridor.


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Nailsea Tithe Barn dates from around 1480. It was a basic agricultural barn for storing crops taken as taxes by the Church. The Barn has since been significantly modified over 500 years, especially when it was converted to use as a school in 1789.
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