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Glebe terrier for Nailsea 2

Glebe terrier for Nailsea 2

Era: Medieval Middle Ages

Date: 1639 - 1639

Donor: Somerset Records Office D/D/Rg 42/2


A tithe record of 1639 records two barns in Nailsea in an inventory of Wraxall Church goods and possessions (Holy Trinity was a chapelry of Wraxall).  The record has been translated as:

No 1 Nailsie Naylsey 2 February 1639 Imprimis(chiefly) Three yards(?) of common ground commonly called the Church Barton belonging to the parsonage of Wraxall.

Item: In that Barton two barns containing ten bayes of building each barn tyled

Charles Young curate Churchwardens 
Thomas Parsons Thomas Cutler (?) As the record refers to '10 bayes' barns, they are unlikley to have been the Tithe Barn which has seven bays.

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